Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12/7/2009 through 12/13/2009

T, 12/8/2009: 4.45 miles, Four Churches.
W, 12/9/2009: 5.0 miles, Run to the River (more or less). Ran after city received about fifteen inches of snow. Had to adjust route because parts of bike path were not clear. Saw: broken limb, downed wire, snow cat, children playing in snow, snow fort, people digging their cars out, a stuck city plow, a dog biting at airborne shovelfuls of snow.
F, 12/11/2009: 7.25 miles, 57:26, Goodman Center.
Su, 12/13/09: 4.45 miles, Hargrove.
Total for week: 21.15 miles.